CRUISE SHIP POINT properties for Sale
12-Acre Resort Property $495,000.
Private Island Cottage $249,000.
Waterfront Lots $49,000. to $99,000
All with Spectacular Cruise Ships View
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2013 recorded survey
2015 title certificate
2015 Fidelity National -
Title Insurance policy
in hand.

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Surveys & Property Title Info:
The Cruise Ship Point properties have been fully surveyed and permanent survey markers have been placed between the individual lots. Surveys #108-BI and #110-BI were recorded at the Dept. of Lands and Surveys in Nassau in 2013. A Certificate of Title (highest quality title in the Bahamas) was issued by the Bahamas Supreme Court for the Cruise Ship Point properties in January 2015. A $1 Million title insurance policy was underwritten by Fidelity National Title Insurance Company in 2016. The CSP property titles are recorded in Volume 12288, Pages 204-207 and Volume 13095, Pages 486-490.

Other Property Owners:
There have been two subdivisions at Cistern Cay, one in the 1970s and one in 2010. The island is presently owned by 15 different individuals/investors from the US and Canada.
The 1970s subdivision was by the Berry Islands Development Company, Ltd. (BIDCO). A paved airstrip, paved roads, and a large concrete boat ramp were constructed. The BIDCO development effort ended in the 1980s. BIDCO still owns 81 acres at the Northern end of Cistern Cay and is currently marketing their property for sale.
The 2010 subdivision was by Crooked Island Holdings Ltd (CIH). Three surveys of lots from the CIH subdivision have been recorded since 2012. The Supreme Court issued a certificate of title in January 2015 for the Cruise Ship Point properties from the CIH subdivision.
Island Amenities:
Cruise Ship Point has cellphone & internet service from the cell tower on Great Harbour Cay, a 3000 ft. paved airstrip, a large concrete boat ramp, and a deepwater port suitable for container ship deliveries. A steel barge, a backhoe-loader, and a dump truck are also owned by CSP. The 1970s airstrip is currently closed but could be reopened. The Ministry of Aviation has issued a preliminary approval letter to the owners of CSP in relation to reopening the airstrip. Other amenities are accessed by boat at Great Harbour Cay. Daily tickets for access to the water park at Coco Cay will be available soon.
Cruise Ship Point Resort:
In 2018, the Bahamas government issued development permits to the corporation that owns Cruise Ship Point for a resort clubhouse, restaurant, bar, and 37 villas. The resort could offer horseback riding or ATV excursions for the cruise visitors. Cistern Cay is only 5 minutes away by boat and is well suited for excursion activities. The resort guests could purchase day passes for the water park at Coco Cay. The development permits and 12-acre resort property are IBC corporation owned and are fully transferable. The corporation has a current certificate of good standing.
Access to Cruise Ship Point:
120 nautical miles East of Ft. Lauderdale, the Berry Islands are easily accessible by commercial airline service offered several times daily from Ft. Lauderdale and Nassau. The Great Harbour Cay airport is a port of entry. GHC has water taxi services to the cruise ship islands (and Cruise Ship Point) operating several times daily.

Berry Islands Info:
Only 120 nautical miles East of Ft. Lauderdale, the 30-mile long Berry island chain is mostly uninhabited. The water around the Berry Islands is shallow and calm which makes exploring the 100+ islands and cays by boat easy. The island chain is boating paradise and offers world-class fishing, miles of sand bars, turquoise water, and empty beaches. See the Great Harbour Cay and Chub Cay websites for more information about the island chain. Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Lines own 2 of the islands, Coco Cay and Great Stirrup Cay, located 3 miles North of Cruise Ship Point.
Services from Great Harbour Cay:
Great Harbour Cay is 2 miles to the South of Cruise Ship Point. GHC is a vacation home island with restaurants, stores, a fuel dock, golf course, marina, international airport, and seaport. Scheduled airline flights from Ft. Lauderdale and Nassau arrive at GHC several times daily.

Home Building Services:
Reputable home building contractors from GHC are available to build your vacation home at Cruise Ship Point. Bahamas home building contractors typically charge $150 to $250 per sq. ft. depending on the house design details. Building materials can be delivered directly to the deepwater port at Cruise Ship Point. Building materials can also be transported inter-island from the GHC shipping port using the 25 ft. steel barge owned by Cruise Ship Point. A backhoe-loader and dump truck are also owned by Cruise Ship Point. Building permits are available from the Berry Islands Council. Solar power is required. All CSP homesites are suitable for private dockage.

Contact Information (Owner/Engineer):

Devin B. Kirkpatrick, P.E. (Licensed in FL, MA, and ME)
Island Fly-In Estates Development Corp.
11592 E. Rambling Dr.
Wellington, Florida